Paddle tennis with Tom and Linnae – a lot like pickleball,
 in that we didn’t really know the rules to this game either…
good thing Mike was still capable of making up his own :)

Night life in Santa Monica – we didn’t realize
that Scheherazad was still around, 71 years young!
Men in Black – Mike and Tom Epley.
Dressed coincidentally?  I think not.
Mike and I with Tom Epley and Linnae Anderson,
our friends we met on the Indochina trip.
They showed us a great time in Santa Monica!
This is New Year’s Eve at the Jonathan Club.


Tom and Linnae have this perfect swing in front
of their house for anyone to use, including one’s
inner 8 year old.
Santa Monica ferris wheel at night, ablaze
with up to 160,000 solar powered LED lights
in constantly changing patterns.  You could
watch it for hours and not have a repeat.