The specs:  112 ft. tall, weighs 250 tons, made
of bronze.  Built in 1993, it was the largest
outdoor seated Buddha in the world until 2007.
There are over 200 pieces of bronze welded
over a heavy steel frame. 
We stopped in Hong Kong on the way back,
this was our first glimpse of the Tian Tan Buddha
from the trolley on the way up the mountain.


The faithful, praying on each
 step. The right hand of Buddha
is raised, representing the
removal of affliction.  The left
hand rests on his lap as a
gesture of giving.
Just for the record, I picked out my clothes before
Mike did!
Buddhist monks attend to the
grounds.  The area is only open
to tourists when the monks have
finished their daily prayers.
Visitors from around the globe
have climbed the 268 steps.