Mt Rushmore was conceived as an idea
to promote tourism to the Black Hills of
South Dakota.  Over 90% of construction
was done with dynamite charges applied to
the granite over 14 years (1927-1941).
  Look how they left a cube of granite
 (bigger than your head!) to represent the
 pupil of Lincoln’s eye.
The vistor’s center lets you push on a dynamite
plunger while a video shows you the part you
just blew up, complete with LOUD sound effects!


The presidents were chosen to represent the
founding (Washington), growth (Jefferson),
development (Roosevelt) and preservation
 (Lincoln) of the United States.  The original
design depicted the presidents from the waist
up, but tight budgets during the Depression
resulted in a scaled back project.
Every year, more than 2 million people travel
to Mt. Rushmore… guess the tourism idea
 worked. Note: there is no Obama, but the
fiscal cliff is nicely depicted!