Spring rolls, wrapped in rice paper so thin you
could read through it, and hoisin peanut sauce.
Bahn mi, Vietnamese for bread, was introduced
during the French occupation.  The French are
 gone, but the bread remains.  Typically, meat
filling, lots of shredded veggies and spicy sauce.


Pho – the go-to fast food, and my breakfast
staple.  Chicken, beef or tofu bursting with fresh
vegetables dunked in steaming hot broth and rice
noodles.  Topped with raw bean sprouts, basil
 and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.
Locals grabbing a quick bowl of noodles on the
sidewalk.  The little plastic stools are everywhere.
The sidewalks are for eating and parking
scooters, so everyone walks in the street.

Cleaning chicken feet on the sidewalk.

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