Crazy Horse memorial, begun in 1948, depicts
 the Sioux warrior pointing with his index finger
in answer to the question, “Where are your lands
now?”  Crazy Horse replied, “My lands are where
my dead lie buried.”
When completed, Crazy Horse will be the largest
sculpture in the world.  Three times the height of
Niagra Falls, larger than the pyramids of Giza,
 and far larger than Mt. Rushmore.  Funded by
 private donations, completion is estimated in
2020, including educational and historical features.  Time lapse photography shows that work is slow but steady.
Wind Cave National Park – the cave was first
discovered at this small hole, where a cowboy
peered in and had his hat knocked off his head
by a WHOOSH of wind.
Unfortunate graffiti in the cave, but with
historical value.  The markings are from Aug
17 of ’82 – 1882, to be exact!
The cave is best known for it’s delicate
 “boxwork”, which is made of thin blades of
calcite that project from walls in a honeycomb
pattern.  Looked just like Doritos!
Spooky cave moment.  The entire cave was
pitch black, except for one candle, which gives
off light equivalent to 1/100th of an incandescent
bulb.  And then… the ranger blew it out.


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