Yin yang, literally meaning shadow and
 light, is a concept of Chinese philosophy
used to show how polar opposites exist
peacefully.  In this case yin (woman)
and yang (man).
Peking Opera was a painful experience, like cats
trying to sing, but the costumes were spectacular.
Making a Tai Chi fist at the
Temple of Heaven, which was
built in the 15th century as a
place for annual prayer for
a good harvest.
Practicing Tai Chi – sort of a “soft” martial art,
requiring mental focus, balance, strength and
breathing.  Hundreds of positions done in slow
continuous motion burning MORE calories than
surfing or downhill skiing.  We look just like
the Tai Chi master, right?  Right?!
Chinese bride in traditional red at the Temple of
Heaven, a favorite photo location.  It’s common
for brides in China to have a photographer for an
entire day, before the wedding day, to pose for
photos at various locations.
Another bride at the Temple of
Heaven!  This one had a western
dress.  Many brides have two
dresses, one red and one white,
and change during the


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