Great architectural skyline in Shanghai, the most
populous city in the world.  Oriental Pearl TV
 tower on the left has a vertical hotel between the
two red balls.  On the right is the Shanghai
World Financial Center, aka the “Bottle Opener”,
at 100 stories.  Just to the right of that are
construction cranes atop another building that
will be 121 stories – the 2nd tallest in the world.
Apparently Dubai keeps upping the ante!
Evening at the Peninsula Hotel rooftop bar. All
the lights, except streetlights, go on at 7pm and
off at 11pm.  It’s really fun to be up here when
all the neon glitz goes dark.
Shanghai has the 5th largest stock exchange in
the world, behind NYSE, NASDAQ, Tokyo and
London.  In 2010, they even got their own bull,
done by the same artist as the Wall Street bull.
Except this one is reddish in color and leans to
the right, instead of the left.
Walking the Bund with one of our favorite ex
pats, Tim Anderson and girlfriend Cheryl.


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