Cheery gardens surround the square.  The large
 columns are a horticultural take on the
Olympic torch.
Tiananmen Square is the largest open city
 square in the world, approximately 100 acres.
  How awkward is this?  Do you smile when
your tour guide takes a photo of you where
hundreds, possibly thousands were massacred
in 1989 in a protest in support of free speech,
freedom of the press and workers control over


Chinese nationals line up for hours for a 15
second glimpse at the final resting place of
Chairman Mao.  Many have travelled for days
to pay their respects. 
Chairman Mao’s photo still dominates the square,
 where he proclaimed the unifying People’s
 Republic of China in 1949.  The Mao led
“Cultural Revolution” from 1966-76 was a
 violent class struggle against capitalism,
 resulting in massive deaths, public humiliation,
arbitrary imprisonment, torture, sustained
harassment and seizure of property.  A dark
chapter in China’s history.