A topiary garden surrounds Throne Hall,
where coronations are held.  The current king

of Thailand, Rama IX, has ruled since 1946,
 making him the world’s longest reigning living
 monarch…66 years so far, to be exact. 
The gold and jewel details are stunning.
This palace is beautifully preserved.


What NOT to wear!  Knees and shoulders must
be covered, no torn clothes, nothing too tight.
Formal dress used to be required for entrance.

Massive demon guards are watching.
There actually was an “Anna” as in
“The King and I” in 1861.  However,
Hollywood and Thailand disagree
and neither that film, nor “Anna and
the King” will ever be shown here.

Only a small part of the Grand Palace is open to
visitors.  The mysterious “inner court” was only

for wives, concubines, eunuchs and sons who
had not yet reached puberty.  No mature males
except for the King of Siam.