At a pricetag of $1.2 billion USD, and a
ticket price of $7 USD, it will take a
while for the return on investment. It 

currently operates at 20% capacity.

We hurtled at the top speed of 430km/h
 (267 mph) for about 2 minutes during our 7
 minute ride to the airport.  It’s only 30km,
or 18.6 miles long.  We were going
so fast, it felt like liftoff was imminent.
So just for the record, this magnetic levitation
train is the fastest train in the world.  It’s also
faster than any Formula One racing car.  Not
sure if it’s faster than a speeding bullet, but
I’m sure Superman could catch it.
The tracks split apart at the station, but are right
 next to each other during the rest of the ride.
The really freaky part was when the opposing 
train passed us at the same speed. You could feel
 the train vibrate and hear the roar for a split 
second.  Cooooool.


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