Our trip included a 4 day cruise on the Yangtze
River, which is the 3rd longest river in the world.
In the foreground is a more typical vessel. 
Yangtze delta generates about 20% of China’s
 GDP, and about 40% of Chinese live along this
huge river.  Irrigation, sanitation, transportation.
It looks dirty because of the seasonal silt.
This stunning ensemble can be yours for a
very reasonable price:  the cape is yak fur,
the hat is bamboo and cow dung.
Our group toasting the Captain.  Gambay!!
Three Gorges Dam – the world’s largest power
station, will be completed in 2012.  Aside from
producing energy, it reduces flooding and
improves shipping capacity for large vessels.
On the minus side, 1.3 MILLION people had to
be relocated, landslides have increased as a result,
and ecosystems have been permanently altered.

The dam is so huge!  28 million cubit feet of 
concrete per day was poured continuously for
 3000 days (10 years).  It will take 100 years
for that amount of concrete to fully cure.
Progress marches on in China.  We lost count of
how many bridges and buildings were being
constructed.  They say the crane is the national
bird of China.


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