Beijing Nat’l Stadium, from the 2008 Olympics,
was built with random steel rods to disguise
supporting beams for a retractable roof, which
 was later scrapped. 
Birds nests are a delicacy in China, eaten on
special occasions.  The Swiss architect didn’t
design this with a bird’s nest in mind, that
nickname came much later.  It seats 91,000. 
Michael Phelps’ playground was the deepest
 Olympic pool ever built, with perforated gutters

on the side helped reduce wave action.  The outer
 surface collects 10,000 gallons of rainwater a
 year.  Everything from the seat colors to tiny
 dots on the wall represents waves and bubbles.
  While this area remains as it was in the
 Olympics, other parts have been converted into
 an indoor water park with slides, lazy river, 
kiddie pools and even a spa.
The exterior of the famous Water Cube is based
 on the way bubbles naturally appear in soap
 lather. Air trapped between two exterior layers
 makes it breathe like a greenhouse.  It also is
 translucent, allowing in natural sunlight.  90% of
 the energy to heat the water is solar produced.


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