This fruit comes in a fuzzy shell, and has a seed
in the middle.  In between is sweet fruit that
translates as “dragon eyeballs”.  Good! 
Thai is spoken by only about 65 million people.
The alphabet has 44 consonants and 28 vowels.
Google translate was very handy here!
Shark fin soup is still popular despite the
useless slaughter of whole sharks for this
“delicacy”.  Real shark fin soup is rare –
there are a lot of fake versions out there.
Street vendors in Bangkok are a hardy bunch,
serving all hours of the day.  Unless they call
it a day – can’t blame this lady!
Street vendors serve a staggering array of sweets,
snacks and whole meals.  Fruit carts are popular –
fruit here is served with a small bag of salt, sugar
and crushed chile for dipping.  They love it hot.
The streets were so flooded that traffic backed
up for miles.  Debris frequently blocks drain
screens.  Per our guide there is infighting as
to whose job it is to clear them.


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