Bride-to-be Megan holds her
rehearsal bouquet, symbolizing the
love support and best wishes of her
family.  And she has a halo, too!

My beautiful nieces, Jessica (matron of honor)
and her sister Megan.
A quaint tea room with 41 kinds of tea!
Sugary delights, cookies, scones, cupcakes…
all made from scratch, melt in your mouth.
The occasion?  Bridal tea for niece Megan.
We even borrowed hats from their collection!
From the left:  niece Jessica (straw hat), Mom,
sister Kathy, niece Megan, daughter Sarah and

 me.  Nice pinky action, ladies.  Actually this was
right before Sarah threw up from eating a cashew
hidden in a tiny chicken salad tea sandwich.  As
Sarah said, “Dignity is overrated”.
Kathy demonstrating proper pinky technique.
Since ancient Rome, a cultured person ate with
three fingers, a commoner with five.  Thus the
birth of the elitist raised pinky.  La dee dah.


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