MaryHill Winery prior to showtime.  To say
this is a great location is an understatement!
It’s in south central WA, just across the border
from Oregon.  Wine country :)
Allison Krauss has won 27 Grammy awards,
including Bluegrass album of the year in 2012.
Talented fiddler, pure clear voice – accompanied
by the Rolls Royce of bands.  She shook me to
the core with “Ghost in this House”.

Dan Tyminski sang along with her,
and brought the crowd to their feet
with “Man of Constant Sorrow”.
And no, he doesn’t look like
George Clooney.
Opening act Kacey Musgraves “keep your two
 cents on your side of the fence” was Texas
Butch and Jerri Henry, our hosts with the most! 


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