Our “refrigerator” was river water – handy to
keep our water bottles cool and our chocolate
slightly less than melted.
At an estimated 110 degrees at sunset, it stayed
hot for a long time.  No sleeping bags – we
slept on pads with sheets.  I soaked mine in
cold river water each night and slept in the tent

 (no ants, scorpions, spiders or rattlesnakes for
 me!)  By midnight, my sheet was barely damp,
always dry by morning. 
Rock strata from hundreds of millions of years
 is exposed in the Grand Canyon.  This particular
area has an “unconformity” with about 1200
million years of geology mysteriously missing.
We didn’t solve it, but at least we were in the
 shade for awhile.
The ever popular “nipple beer” which requires
you to be in the very cold Colorado up to your
nipples (boys and girls ;) for the time it takes
to drink your beer.  The goal is a big chill
that should last you at least 30 minutes.


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