In the mid-90’s, Banff national park instituted
wildlife crossings, along with miles of 12 foot
high fences, to funnel deer, elk, bear, wolf,
moose and coyote across the Trans Canada
highway.  Accidents have been reduced by 80%. 
These overpasses are not meant for cars,
only for animals.  Research has identified a
“learning curve” and cameras have recorded
increasing numbers of wildlife crossing.
Amazing, given the fact that the crossings are
spaced apart by several miles.
Lake Louise, the highest elevated city in Canada,
still had ice floating on the lake in early June!
It snowed while we were there, despite the 41
degree Farenheit temperature.
Low fog, but no wind, resulting in a perfect
mirror of the mountain peaks.
Waterfalls gushed from the canyons surrounding
the lakes.


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