1:40 AM in Valencia on a Monday night, and the
 street party is still going strong – the crowd was
 50 times this size, dancing flamenco, playing
guitar, singing and having a ball.
Now that’s what I call a big paella!  Invented in
Valencia, it has rice, garlic, onion, peas, carrots,
sometimes chicken, sausage, rabbit or seafood.

The magic ingredient is saffron, slender orange
threads that come from the crocus family.
Puente de los Flores, or bridge of the flowers.
What a great park!  Gulliver surrounded by all
the Lilliputians!  (The proportions are about right
 – citizens of Lilliput are supposed to be 6 inches
 tall.)  There are slides and climbing places all
 over his full length body.  We took a long slide
down his belt.  


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