Typical Spanish tapas bar scene – appetizer
sizes of ham, pork, peppers, cheeses and bread
are displayed on the countertop.  Instead of
 looking at the menu, you look right at the food.
  One tapas and a very short beer or wine taste to
 start – then it’s onto the next tapas bar, eventually
 making a meal. Iberico hams are hung
unrefrigerated from the ceiling, with little drip
 catchers attached to the bottom so the fat doesn’t
 drip on you.
This sounds odd, but scrambled eggs with
pimento, herbs and fresh prawns as an
appetizer was unbelievably good.
San Sebastian, Spain and Biarritz, France are
 about 20 minutes from each other.  Accidentally
 taking a wrong turn and ending up in another
 country is easy, since the borders are open.
Mike’s catching some wave action.  There were
also long beaches full of topless women and
completely nude men.  There’s the tell,
we’ll spare you the show…


The water bottles in Spain and France are
beautiful heavy glass, worthy of a vase of
flowers.  They are washed and refilled.  We’re
so used to plastic, this was a welcome change.