We’ve been to over 35 countries and seen
a LOT of cathedrals, but this one was the

best by far.  This is the yet to be completed
 model, with 18 spires (12 apostles, 4
 evangelicals, one for the Virgin Mary and one
 spire rising 175 meters for Jesus, which will
be visible from the sea, like a lighthouse).
 Construction started in 1882 and is scheduled
 to be completed in 2026, the 100th anniversary
 of the death of the architect, Gaudi.
Unlike any other architecture, Sagrada Familia is
Spanish Gothic meets Art Nouveau.  It is a

refreshing “new” take on a cathedral.
Each spire contains a bell tower, with tubular
bells designed by Gaudi.  The sound is ethereal.

 At the apex are beautiful multicolored mosaics –
 the tops are wrapped here for construction.
The Passion facade is one of three main
entrances to the cathedral.  It details
the crucifixion and ascension of Christ.
The columns are very stark, representing
bone like structure.
The door of the yet to be started Glory facade,
right now just a huge door with “Give us this day
our daily bread” written in 50 languages.  The
bold lettering on top is the Lord’s Prayer in
the Spanish dialect, Catalan.
The Nativity facade chronicles the birth of Christ.
Rich in detail, as opposed to the stark Passion
 facade.  Hundreds of plants and animals are
 carved into scenes of the birth, wise men, angels.
The interior columns give you the feeling of
being in a forest.  No flying buttresses here!
What appears to be random tree limbs is
 extremely precise geometry.
The kiss of Judas, along with a magic
square.  Add the numbers horizontally,
vertically, or diagonally and they always
total 33, the age of Christ at crucifixion.


Stained glass windows in watercolor
like patterns, graduating from warm
colors near the base to cool at the top.