Lovely candy – anyone for some fried eggs?
The most artistically presented seafood markets!
Those long clam things were so fresh they were
still moving.
La Rambla has also been known to be a bit
on the seedy side – some “working girls” exist.

La Rambla is about a mile
long through the center of
Barcelona.  Tree lined and
pedestrian only, it bursts
with musicians, vendors
and restaurants.


So called “living statues”
are a staple.  This guy had
the whole windblown effect
down to a science.

This threesome was having quite
a time walking and asking for
directions, oblivious to the fact
that their legs were 5 feet long :)
At the end of the street, Christoper
Columbus points to NOT the
new world, but to India (where he
thought he was headed). That’s
why our Native Americans were
known as “indians” for so many