Brilliant architect (1852-1926) and
 strong influencer of Barcelona
 style.  When he graduated, the dean
 said he was either giving this
 diploma to a “genius or a madman”.  
He shunned classical architecture to
 date for organic style inspired by nature. 
Catenary arches are a recurring theme in Gaudi’s
 work – they represent the curve that an idealized
 hanging cable would assume under it’s own
 weight if suspended by two points.   Is this not
 the most beautiful ATTIC you’ve ever seen??


Gaudi was a huge fan of hyperbolic shapes,
using them extensively in his columns
and chimney structures.  His architecture
 could be studied for years on the
basis of the mathematics alone.
Gaudi rarely drew blueprints, instead focusing on
 3D scale models.  He often used hanging chains
 to simulate arches, skipping the math altogether.
  This is a mirror image of a model that actually
 hangs upside down.  Newton would approve.

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