A mosaic half buried in the rooftop,
like the tail of a dragon!
This casa was built with an underwater theme –
this photo was taken through a glass panel near
the central atrium.  See how the tile is darker
at the top and lighter at the bottom?  So the
rooms on the first floor had enough light, and
the upper floors didn’t have too much light.
Inside Casa Batilo, built for a wealthy family.
The windows have a pulley system to traverse
upwards, sliding neatly into place.
The outside of Casa Batilo.  See how the colored
glass is so much more muted from the outside?
One of several Gaudi rooftops.  He used
sculptures to hide chimneys and water tanks.
  These remind me of Imperial Stormtroopers!
Recycling was integral to his style.  This is a
closeup of one of the chimneys, covered with
a beautiful array of cracked tiles.
In the summer, they have jazz concerts up on
the roof.  Can you imagine the skyline with
a glass of wine and great music in the middle
of all these colorful chimneys?
Price was no object for Guell, the wealthy
 industrialist.  Gaudi pulled out all the stops,
marblework, ironwork, even a custom painting
that wraps into a corner.  You really couldn’t
hang it anywhere else!


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