Salvador Dali (1904-1989), the father
 of surrealist art.  Unreal, unpredictable
 imaginary worlds.  Dali was famous
in his lifetime, extremely rare for an
artist.  He planned every aspect of
this funhouse of a “museum” and is
buried in a crypt here.
The “Rainy Cadillac” in the central courtyard
actually belonged to Dali.  You know how you
can never find a taxi in the rain?  This one
has a coin slot, and if you put in a euro it
rains on the mannequin driver and
passengers inside the car! 

This collosal oil painting may be a self portrait,
Dali seeing himself as someone who gave
everything he had to his art.  He planned for
the location of this piece, looking down on
Dali museum devotees.
Dali’s wife, Gala, was a favorite
subject.  This is “Gala contemplating the
 Mediterranean Sea, which at 30 meters
becomes Abraham Lincoln”.  Squint
your eyes – you’ll see his head.
Dali was enthralled with Mae West.  This piece is
 an entire ROOM!  The lips are a large couch.
 The nostrils are fireplaces.  In order to view the
 work, you have to climb a ten step ladder and
 look through a convex glass that pulls it all
Dali was born in Figueres, where the museum is,
and his sculptures are all over town.  Loved this
38 meter spoon that curves around a tree.


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