Queen Isabella giving Christopher
Columbus the approval to sail to
the “New World”
Ferdinand and Isabella, second cousins, were
 married for 36 years, uniting the Castille and
 Aragon regions of Spain under one crown.
Known as the “Catholic monarchs”, they made
it their life’s work to expel all non-Christians
from Spain, ordering Jews and Muslims to
convert or leave Spain.  The Spanish Inquisition
was a horrific period of religious persecution,
continuing for hundreds of years after their death.
Raging narcissists that they were, Ferdinand and
Isabella are buried in a purpose built Royal
 Chapel, designed by Ferdinand.  There is no

 worship space – no chairs, no benches.  The
 crypts are positioned so that they have a clear
 view of a gaudy and gory altar, but no one 
coming to the chapel can actually gaze on the
 faces, which lie in a prone position 7 feet up.
  They are just a little too high (and mighty).


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