Bilbao is the proud home to the Guggenheim
Art Museum, a modern Frank Gehry creation,

covered in titanium plates that curve to resemble
fish scales.  No straight walls anywhere!

“Puppy” is one of the art sculptures.  Cute!
Oh, mercy.  The opposite of cute would
have to be the spider sculpture, which
I swear looks like it’s about to devour us.
The spider sculpture with more of a sense of
scale.  The long bridge next to it has a fog
“sculpture” that appears about once an hour.
Creepy combination!!


The art is so different at the Guggenheim.
With no straight walls, no framed paintings.
Hot rolled rusted steel spirals took up a
space as big as a football field.
Pink and blue messages chasing up and down
3 stories.  We were cracking up at the audio
guide comments – some of this stuff is really
a stretch.  It’s not the Louvre, that’s for sure.