Alhambra is a stunning Moorish palace, a well
preserved example of architecture, having
survived intact through wars and natural
disasters.  A UNESCO World Heritage site.
Conquered by the Spanish Catholics in 1492,
the last Moorish Sultan wept as he gazed on
Alhambra for the last time.  As legend has it,
his mother, the Sultana, said, “You weep like
a woman for what you did not defend like a man.”
Inscriptions from the Q’uran
loosely translate to “God
is the only winner”.
Water features dominate the
Alhambra.  Moors found the sound
of running water soothing.
A small corner of the magnificent gardens.
Alhambra is known as “a pearl set in emeralds”,
referring to all the marble surrounded by gardens.
Dutch artist M.C. Escher studied the tile work
at Alhambra in the 1920’s as inspiration.
Many sultans added onto the Alhambra over
centuries, always with the same theme:
“Paradise on Earth”


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