Cathedral of Seville – the third largest church in
 the world, behind only St. Peters at the Vatican,
and the Bascilica in Brazil.  Taken from the grove

of orange trees in the church courtyard.  The
scent of orange blossoms was pure perfume.
Altar de Plato (Silver altar) – note that the crown
is at the top – perhaps a political statement?
Over 150 choir seats, hand carved.  Each armrest
had a different daily pursuit – carrying sacks,
picking fruit, playing the horn and reading.
Virgen de los Reyes (Virgin of the
Kings) crown in the treasury of the
cathedral.  The world’s second largest
pearl is not in top center.  It is the
body of the angel holding the crown.
The tomb of Christopher Columbus.  Note the
angelic pallbearers – the right one holds a cross,
the left one holds an oar.  His body was verified
by DNA sampling in 2006, as he was apparently
successfully buried several other places as well!
The cathedral is beautifully lit at night, a
popular route for horse drawn carriages.


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