Welcome to Gibraltar, on the southern tip of
Spain.  The English navy fought Spain and won
over this important point in 1779-83.
  The strategic location affords a 360 degree
view of ships coming for miles.  This was
as close as we could get to the top, which is
a restricted military area.
Gibraltar airport is intersected by Winston
Churchill Avenue, so they close the street
when planes are landing.  Built in WWII
as an emergency airfield, it was extended
beyond it’s original plan using rocks blasted
 when military tunnels were constructed.  It’s rated

 one of the world’s top 5 scariest runways.
Population is only 28,000 people, who
voted in 2006 by an overwhelming majority to
remain part of the British commonwealth,
instead of rejoining Spain.  It is a separate
country, we had to show our passports and
clear customs to get in for the day.
Mike looking out toward Tangier,
on the northern coast of Africa, 

only 14 miles away…

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