Spanish artist Goya painted the naked and the
clothed “Maja” around 1800.  The model is
unknown, as women were so well clothed then
it’s hard to tell.
This painting was seized during the Spanish
Inquisition, when it was rendered “obscene”,
and was nearly destroyed.
Floors like glass reflect the paintings.
Although still a massive museum, the Prado
is about 1/3 the size of the Louvre in Paris.
“Las Meninas” (1656 Velazquez) is the most
famous painting in the museum.  It depicts
the Spanish royal family, with the young
Infanta Margarita surrounded by servants,
a dwarf and Velazquez himself, who is
calmly painting the scene from the left.
Ruben’s “Three Graces” – the model
on the left was purported to be Ruben’s
16 year old wife.  He was 60 at the time.
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