The Discover’s Monument in Lisbon, showcasing
monarchs, explorers, navigators, cartographers,
scientists and missionaries.  This is only one side!
33 statues in total including Vasco de Gama, who
sailed from Portugal to India.  In the background
is the “25 de Abril” bridge, built by the same
company that built the Oakland Bay Bridge.
An homage to Fernando Pessoa – it is said that
the top 4 poets of all time in Portugal are
Fernando Pessoa, because he had 3 pen names
in addition to publishing his own work.
“Pasteis de Belem” or Pastries of Bethlehem,
are made by a local family near the cathedral,
 from an old top secret recipe.  Fans literally

line up around the block to eat these. Warm and
custardy, with powdered sugar on top. To die for!
Castle St. George in Lisbon.
Mike determining the odds of the enemy
scaling the walls.
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