People crawled on their knees, praying. Some for
 over a mile.  Carmel colored candles are the only
 thing sold on the premises, in all shapes and
 sizes, including the long ones on the right.
Palm Sunday’s blessing at the end of Mass –
the courtyard could easily hold over a million
worshipers, at times like Easter Sunday.
The end of the kneeling path is the place where
the first apparition occurred, in 1917.  Three
shepherd children reported seeing the Virgin Mary
once a month for 6 months.
Our Lady of Fatima, sculpted in 1946, is based
on the description from the children.  The crown
was added by a Russian archbishop who crowned
her “Queen of the World”.  This statue has

traveled to over 100 countries to spread the word.
Joao Paulo II, or John Paul II is beloved.
Travelers worldwide come to Fatima.

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