Check out the castle walls at Castelo Dos Mouros
 – Moorish masons from the 9th century built the
 bottom. Spanish masons were less artistic
when they built the top in 1375.
The Moorish castle and Pena palace are so close,
 it’s as if you woke up and were inside a fairy tale.
Pena had to be an inspiration for
Disney – a 19th century romantic castle.
Painstaking restoration suprised the
Portuguese, who thought for years the palace
 was grey, until it was cleaned and repainted

in the original colors.
This fearsome newt guards the door,
and represents the start of the world,
with sea life and plant life.
Look at the helmet over the archway!
You could just imagine the pageantry here.
Incredible views from the terrace, looking out
to the Atlantic.
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