Rob’s first time skiing – by the end of the weekend
he was aggresively going down black diamond
runs, and treating everyone to a few “yard sales”
(crashes with skis and poles everywhere!)
The gang – David, Matt, Rob, JR, Mike, Nick,
Charlie and Dan.  Uncles and nephews rounded

 up from Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Iowa and
 Illinois – the logistics were something to behold.
All smiles – the beer and ibuprofen must be
kicking in.  Why is Nick wearing a lei?
That’s top secret info, only the guys know.
Fanning the flames of competition – Charlie
was the odds on favorite for the belching/farting
 contest, as the reigning champion for the last
SIX years, but multiple servings of chili led Dan
to victory.  The torch has been pft – passed.

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