Short 45 hike into the top of Shamrock slot
 canyon – it took 5 hours to squeeze to the finish.
A rare wide area for lunch break –
grab a nice soft rock and relax!
One of 3 short rappels with preset anchors. 

Approaching the narrowest canyon in
the U.S. (10 inches) – go high? or
go low?  Your choice.
Going high, keeping the feet on one
side, with back and shoulders against
the other for about 300 yards.  Like
doing 1,000 push ups.

Going low – Mike gets stuck in the 10 inch crack.
 Zen yoga breathing – out to collapse the chest to
 squeeze into the crack, which severely restricts
the next breath IN.  Only 3 of 6 made it through
the infamous “Fat Man’s Gulch”.  
The price to pay for the big squeeze – shredded
clothes, to be burned on the last day.
The final rappel into icy slimy water.
The journey ended.
Two hard days of slot canyoning –
break out the beer!
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