Part of the “Whine Club”  From left – Terry Jones,
Debbie Woodrich, Debbie Hamilton, Debbie
Coghill, Wende Wahl, Sue Raney, Erin Smith,
Nancy Nuremberg, Kathy Carrithers.   All Bank
of America associates, at some point.  Now
contemplating retirement, wine and why we
know so many Debbies.
Look out ladies, here comes Ethan!
A touch of Hollywood, I got to try
on one of Elizabeth Taylor’s rings –
smoky quartz and citrine swimming
in a sea of yellow sapphires.
Attention!  This is the West Point Founders Club.
Our good friends Debra Lewis and Doug Adams
are both graduates, honorable members of the
long grey line.
Preferred parking in Seattle lots for electric
cars, including this Telsa.  Zero to 60 in 5.6
seconds… a lean green sporty machine.
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