First order of business for the day, put on the
pins and sash.  Worn for formal occasions,

  each of these pins was earned.
We have eleven ancestors that fought in the
Revolutionary War.  The other pins are

for work done over 44 years in DAR – 
Ancestors researched, club memberships, 
chair duties.  She’s helped process over 5,000
 applications for membership!  She’s also a
 member of  Mayflower Descendants and (my
personal favorite)  Associated Daughters of
Early American Witches.

Mom worked the crowd
like a pro!  She circulated
around to speak to at least
40 people.
Her speech on George Washington:
Did you know he had a surveyor’s
license?  We also learned his rules
of civility “bedew no man’s face
with your Spittle”.  OK.

Mom is the toast of the town in DAR (Daughters of the
 American Revolution) where she is one of only
 13 worldwide Honorary Vice President Generals –
 she was elected to that office (by DAR
 Continental Congress) based on her exceptional
 service.  She’s always helping others to become
 active in DAR, helping with genealogy, 
organizing committees and traveling to give
 speeches.  A force of nature, my Mom.
I’m proud of her!
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