Buddha, as interpreted by Japan, China and
Thailand.  Each culture has its own version,
but all have elongated earlobes, to show how
Buddha left his privileged life behind in the 6th
century, no longer wearing the heavy earrings
of the royal family.  Buddha, meaning
 “Enlightened One”, directed his followers
to create no images of him.  The first images
didn’t appear until just before the birth of Christ.
My mom loved this exhibit, having spent
years in Japan and China while my grandfather
was a Post Engineer in the military.  My parents
were married in Yokahama, Japan.  She taught
all her kids how to expertly use chopsticks –
the test was to pick up a single grain of rice!
Seated Indra, a Hindu god of wars,
storms and rainfall – from 13th century Nepal.
 Hinduism and Buddhism are similar,
both believe in reincarnation,
and meditation as a path to enlightenment.
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