The French have vehemently
protested these modern iron
arcs recently added to Versailles.
Akin to putting a lip peircing
on the Mona Lisa.
Famously vain, King Louis XIV
 had this painting done when he was
in his portly 50’s, but with 25 year old
 female ballet dancer legs.  In his day,
 heels were worn only by men, not women.
The shimmering Hall of Mirrors (this is only
HALF of the room!), which Louis
 XIV built not just for opulence, but to showcase
French expertise in the mirror industry in
hopes of spurring exports.
We’re pretty sure they groom this with manicure scissors.
  Not a blade of grass out of place.
This would make a great
reality series:  Man vs. Doily.
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