After hours of false starts… the zebras
 led the way, followed by thousands of
wildebeast.  The river was swift, and they were
drifting toward us.  And toward the crocodile
 in the lower left part of the river.  Let’s
just say the croc had a very good day.
Watching the wildebeast cross was thrilling –
the river was so deep they couldn’t touch
bottom.  Their eyes were wild with fear
of the water (and maybe the crocs?)!
Impossible to count – if you look across the
river, this view encompasses about 1/100th
of the amount of animals waiting to cross.
When they say “Do not alight from your car”
they’re not kidding.  You never know where
the animals are going to cross.  They
were running in a wet, panicky herd just
a few yards from our car.  We could
have easily been trampled.
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