Shifting Sands in Olduvai Gorge in the Serengeti
 is a crescent shaped, bizarrely
magnetic dune in the middle of a huge dusty
desert.  The dark grey sand dune blows around
but stays whole, it’s migration has been noted
and measured for decades. 
Hippos!  The smell was overwhelming, and
they fought over the smallest bit of aquatic
real estate, snapping at each other.

Acacia thorns, anathema to tires.  Flat tires
can be quite a problem when you are between
lions (5 minutes before the flat) and elephants
(5 minutes after the flat).  Our guide, Lucas,
changed tires FAST so we could get back
in the car for safety.  

We had 8 flat tires in 10 days.
Mama cheetah did her best to hunt in the
Serengeti, but her two very cute cubs made
 such a ruckus in the bush that she was unable
to perform her usual stealthy stalk.
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