The chasm is a slash in the earth 5,604 ft. long.
The falls were low in October, offering a view
of the 354 ft. drop down from the edge.  Higher
and wider than Niagra, but Niagra has more flow.
Dancing like the Zimbabwe natives – more or less!
Note the umbrella – I had to use it several times
when the mist from the waterfall rose up and
then dumped down on us – Victoria Falls makes
its own weather!  Mosi-Oa-Tunya means
the “smoke that thunders”.
David Livingstone was the first European to view
 the falls, and named them for his queen.
Breathing in the therapeutic ozone.  
We’ll kayak on our next
trip there.  It is cool to
have a sense of scale for
the falls, isn’t it?
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