Maasai children speak Maa, Swahili and English
at age 3.  They demonstrated (at the top of their
lungs!) their ability to recite numbers for us.
Maasai huts are simple, beds and fire only,
with a small hole at the top to let out smoke
and let in the occasional shaft of sunlight.
One village could have 30 huts in a circle.
Men have several wives, and the wives work
together to group raise children.  It literally
takes a village to raise a child.
Boys are circumcised at puberty, after which they
 are sent to live in the bush alone for several
 months.  Historically, they had to kill a lion to
 officially be a warrior, but the declining lion
 population is shifting the cultural tide.
Cattle and goat herding occupies the Maasai,
  taking men away from the home for days at a
 time.  Diet is strictly meat and dairy.  Maasai
 celebrations include drinking cow’s blood
 (tapped from the jugular, without killing the 
cow), mixed with warm goat milk.  Mmmmm.

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