Yes, an arrow in the neck. This giraffe was the
target of an unsuccessful hunt just outside the
park boundaries. As barbaric as it seems, it is
legal for local tribes to hunt wild animals,
including the giraffe, to feed their villages.
We reported it to the warden, in hopes that
he could find the giraffe and remove the arrow.
Giraffe’s hearts are much larger than normal
for a large mammal.  They have to generate
about double the normal blood pressure to
get the blood all the way up that long neck.
An extremely rare giraffe river crossing.
They only made it halfway before it became
too deep for the baby giraffes in the middle.
They turned around and made it back to
land before the croc swam by to observe.
Found mostly in groups, we almost never
saw a solitary giraffe.  They’re actually
transient with few social bonds, banding
and disbanding several times a day.
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