An invitation only private dinosaur dig,
near Ten Sleep, WY. Over a dozen
dinosaurs have been found in this small
spot, mostly herbivorous sauropods.
Blue tarps cover finds, yet to be
excavated and sold to museums.

So how does this work?  Dinosaurs are sectioned
by size, large chunks complete with dirt are
encased in plaster, then shipped to one
of 3 locations in the US where they
are studied, dated, cleaned and reassembled.

“Open the door, get on the floor,
everybody walk the dinosaur!”
I’m standing on the back of a sauropod,
red circles represent excavation points.

Brushing dirt from a femur,
(the thigh bone’s connected to the
knee bone). 

Dinosaur claw with arm  – see the photo
 above with my hand to feel the size!

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