Who got up early to walk the Capilano
 Suspension Bridge with no other tourists?
We did!  There was still a whole lotta
shakin’ going on, although they swear
the bridge is strong enough to hold
96 elephants, or 8 fully loaded
18-wheeler semi trucks.

Length?  450 ft. or as long as two 747 jets
wingtip to wingtip.  Height?  250 ft. or up to
the shoulder of the Statue of Liberty. 

Bravery!  Here’s Kathy on the 20 inch wide
Cliffwalk with only a few cables and some
glass panels between her and the canyon
below… far below.

The cool thing about travelling with my sister
the science teacher is that I learn things!
Like identifying the vine maple by the nine
of points in the leaf – one for each letter
in v-i-n-e-m-a-p-l-e.

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