Famous for its large Byzantine dome, it
changed the history of architecture, and was
the largest cathedral in the world for
over a thousand years. Built in 532-7.

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The ornate minibar, or
Muslim pulpit.  Posing
in front is one of the
millions of feral cats
that roam Turkey.
In 1453, it was converted
from a cathedral to a
mosque.  The large
circular signs, naming
Allah and other
prophets, were added
in 1843.
When Hagia Sophia became a mosque, workers
plastered over Christian mosaics, contributing
indirectly to their preservation.  Surrounding

the Virgin Mary and Jesus are – on the left,
an 11th century Byzantine emperor with
an offering.  To the right, his wife.  Nearly
12ft. tall, this was uncovered during restoration. 
Miracle column, where wishes come true
if you stick your thumb in the hole and make
 a circle.  That’s 1500 years of wishes!