20,000 tiles of 700 different designs decorate
 the interior.   So great was the demand for tiles,
a moratorium on tile orders was decreed by
the sultan from 1609-1616 , as every
tile made in Turkey was used in the design.
View of the Blue Mosque, taken from Hagia
 Sophia.  The 19 year old sultan requested
a minaret made of gold (altin), which was
misunderstood to mean six (alti) minarets.
This was considered presumptuous, because
the only other mosque with six minarets
was Mecca.  The sultan made amends
by sending his architect to Mecca to
add a seventh minaret!
Amazing dome, 43 meters high,
ringed with quotes from the Qur’an.
Interior, taken right before Friday prayer
 service, which is required for Muslim
men in the Holy Qur’an.
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