After pilot training with Mike, Olav became a
helicopter pilot, flying to oil rigs off the coast
of Norway.  He now leads a team of 100
pilots.  This is as close as I hope I’ll
ever get to the rotor blade of a helicopter.
Composer Edvard Grieg (Hall of the Mountain
 King), is a Bergen native.  This is an life
sized statue of him – no kidding!  I guarantee

you will recognize this music:

Olav and his lovely wife Karen took us
to the Flobanen funicular  – 320 meters up
 to see Norways largest seaport, and
the Norwegian navy base.  
Bryggen is a charming wharf-side town.
The classic wooden buildings lean
every which way – the insides are
like a fun house of slants and angles. 
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