Founded in 1870, now has over 5 million
visitors a year.  Spectacular entrance!!
Vincent Van Gogh, who painted over
thirty self portraits, said at one point
 he had to invest in a REALLY good mirror.
  He was one of the most prolific
self-portraitists of all time, as a
form of introspection and a way of
 honing his skills without
having to pay for models.
Convex mirror prism,
I could hear Mike whispering in my ear
from six feet away :)
Andy Warhol’s Mao –
a whopping fifteen feet tall!
Warhol thought applying brush to
 canvas was outmoded and limiting.
  He used paint over silkscreen,
 a revolutionary idea in the 70’s.
The US had just opened
diplomatic relations with China.
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